About Us

Save Pangolins raises global awareness of pangolins and the people fighting to save them from extinction. We provide coordination between stakeholders and support to range state conservation programs.

What We Do

• Operate SavePangolins.org, the first-ever website about pangolin conservation. It serves as a resource for the general public to learn about pangolins, the threats driving them towards extinction, and the groups and individuals working to conserve them.

• Facilitate coordination and communication among pangolin conservation programs and researchers across the world.

• Respond to reports of pangolins in crisis via social media, and help coordinate rescue and rehabilitation efforts through an international network of stakeholders.

• Notify local wildlife authorities about establishments that are illegally selling pangolins.

• Liaise with the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group to shape stakeholder communications, outreach campaigns, policy, research, and conservation.

Who We Are

Save Pangolins is managed by Keri Parker and Paul Thomson, two professional conservation biologists who donate their time. Keri and Paul serve as Vice Chairs on the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group.

Save Pangolins was founded in 2007 by members of the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program, an international training and mentoring initiative that brings together emerging leaders in the wildlife conservation field for capacity building and intense training in campaign development and leadership skills. Formerly called the Pangolins Conservation Support Initiative (PCSI), the founding Save Pangolins members are:
Adrian Benedetti
Noah Kahn
Keri Parker
Gina Schrader
Paul Thomson
Rowena Watson

Our Successes

• In 2008 Save Pangolins (Pangolin Conservation Support Initiative) partnered with Conservation International (CI) Cambodia and the Cambodian Forestry Administration to hold a stakeholder workshop for pangolin conservation in the Cardamom Mountains Protected Forest in the Koh Kong Province of Southwest Cambodia. The workshop took place from November 4-5, 2008, and engaged a total of 56 representatives from local communities, local government officials, police and rangers from Protected Area projects across the Cardamom Mountains, and staff from international conservation organizations seeking ways to work together to improve pangolin conservation in the region. More than 50 local school children joined in the workshop for the launch of the first outreach campaign to focus solely on Asian pangolin conservation.

• We launched the first-ever website dedicated to pangolins – SavePangolins.org – to increase global awareness of pangolin conservation. The website contains a wealth of information about pangolins, highlights the activities of conservation groups working to conserve these imperiled animals, and directs people to ways they can help contribute to pangolin conservation.

• We have raised over $13,000 for pangolin conservation efforts through grants from the World Wildlife Fund-US Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program, the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund, Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders, and private donors.

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