About Us

Save Pangolins is a nonprofit project whose mission is to conserve pangolins by transforming relationships between people and pangolins. We aim to inspire people to conserve them, change behavior that drives the illegal trade, and increase the capacity of conservation on the ground where pangolins live. Save Pangolins provides expertise and leadership in coordinating global pangolin conservation efforts and runs campaigns that engage the public and generate funds for conservation. Save Pangolins drives support to conservation efforts in pangolin range states and raises public awareness of pangolins around the world.

What We Do

  • Empower conservationists and researchers in areas lacking pangolin resources.
  • Facilitate coordination and communication among pangolin conservation programs and researchers across the world.
  • Educate and inspire the public through targeted media campaigns.
  • Receive reports from the public of pangolins in crisis, and coordinate rescue and rehabilitation efforts through an international network of experts.
  • Our website, SavePangolins.org, was the very first website about pangolins and their conservation. Ten years later, it is still the first stop for thousands of people who are discovering pangolins for the first time.
  • As Vice Chairs of the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group, we help shape stakeholder communications, outreach campaigns, policy, research, and conservation.
  • Save Pangolins plays a key role in the MENTOR Progress on Pangolins (MENTOR POP) program, which trains young pangolin conservationists in topics like conflict transformation, adaptive leadership and community-based conservation methods.

Who We Are

Save Pangolins is managed by Keri Parker and Paul Thomson, two professional conservation biologists who donate their time. Keri and Paul serve as Vice Chairs on the IUCN-SSC Pangolin Specialist Group. Save Pangolins originated from the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program, an international training and mentoring initiative that brings together emerging leaders in the wildlife conservation field for capacity building and training in campaign development and leadership skills.


Save Pangolins supports or works with the following groups:

Contact Us

We love hearing from you. Please share your thoughts, questions, and feedback via email to info [at] savepangolins [dot] org.

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