Pangolin Stakeholders Workshop, Cambodia

The Pangolin Conservation Support Initiative, together with Conservation International-Cambodia (CI) and the Forestry Administration of Cambodia, held a stakeholder workshop for pangolin conservation from November 4-5, 2008 in the Cardamom Mountains in southwest Cambodia.

The overall aims of the workshop were to facilitate the development and implementation of targeted in situ pangolin conservation activities and to stimulate local communities’ interest in pangolin survival.

56 representatives from local communities, local government officials, police and rangers from Protected Area projects across the Cardamom Mountains, and staff from international conservation organizations seeking ways to work together to improve pangolin conservation in the region attended the workshop.

To support and empower law enforcement officers responsible for seizing illegal shipments of wildlife, training was provided to rangers in methods to correctly handle and release confiscated pangolins, including basic assessment and treatment of injuries such as cuts from snares, as well as recording of data and the correct procedures to prosecute criminal cases involving the trade of pangolins and other protected wildlife.

The workshop was held at the Forestry Administration/ Conservation International Thma Bang Field Station in Koh Kong Province, Cambodia with funding from the World Wildlife Fund-US Russell E. Train Education for Nature Program. CI is following up on the workshop recommendations by developing awareness and training sessions at key sites throughout the landscape, and by working closely with selected law enforcement units and local communities to establish suitable ways of communication.

More than 50 local school children from the Cardamom Mountains joined in the workshop events for the launch of the first outreach campaign to focus solely on Asian pangolin conservation, and along with workshop participants received materials developed (and translated into Khmer) by PCSI and CI-Cambodia including a two page fact sheet, a poster, and a coloring page. Printed outreach materials were developed with funding from the SeaWorld Busch Gardens Conservation Fund.

Watch a video documentary of the workshop (with English subtities). Watch a Cambodia news segment about the workshop (in Khmer).


Below are free downloadable resources that were distributed at the Cambodia pangolin workshop. We encourage you to modify them for your use in pangolin conservation efforts wherever you are. If you need assistance, please contact us.

Workshop Informational Packet for Participants — This packet was presented to participants at the Cambodia workshop as a reference guide to complement hands on training sessions and presentations. Part I (developed by PCSI) contains detailed information on pangolin biology, natural history, and conservation, including relevant laws and policies. Part II (developed by CI-Cambodia) includes pangolin handling techniques, assessment and treatment protocols, and appropriate area contacts for Cambodia. (Click to download PDF – 556k) If you’d like the raw file for modification, contact us.

Pangolin Poster “Cambodia’s Pangolins Need Our Care”Click to download JPEG. If you’d like the raw file for modification, contact us.

Malayan Pangolin Fact Sheet (Click to download – 530k)

Save the Pangolins Coloring Page — Great for kids of all ages! (Click to download – 248k)

PowerPoint presentations from the workshop may be available from the authors upon request, please contact us.

Contact Us: With questions regarding the Pangolin Conservation Stakeholders Workshop or the downloadable resources, please email us through our Contact Us page.